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Multiple Bread Basket Failures

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CONCERN and MITIGATION are not ENOUGH time to PREPARE. How ? Read on.

Last year, drought cut the harvest of Western Canadian field crops by more than 40 percent. Farmers in Saskatchewan suffered a 48 percent drop in wheat production.
Please note this is not a uniquely Canadian problem.
If you ask climate experts about their greatest fears, many will turn ashen and begin talking in hushed tones about simultaneous bread basket failures around the world.
The fear is so widely shared, they’ve developed a shorthand for it in food and climate circles, an acronym I wish I’d never heard: MBBF (Multiple Bread Basket Failures).
We’ve become highly dependent on a small handful of crops. Wheat, rice, corn, and soy make up almost half the calories of an average global diet. And that concentration extends to the geography of supply.
What are people waiting for? Join the Preparedness Project before it is too late.
Graphic by McKinsey:
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