Our mission , Our concerns and Our goals.


PROFIT can be used as a noun or verb. As a noun, it means a valuable return as in a financial gain. As a verb, it means to be of service to or to derive benefit. We have found a way to capture both definitions in one package.



Climate change has forced droughts on us which are affecting food production. You see this now in the rising food prices. The droughts we are seeing are part of a forecasted trend and their continuation will mean more severe impacts on food production and therefore severity in food prices. The drought information we learn from is from a United Nations (U.N.) publication. In the face of food disruptions, an organized group will be able to bulk purchase and warehouse food supplies far more efficiently than an individual. Controlling a part of the food production, storage, and transportation system is a potentially profitable proposition. It assures us that we will have a supply line outside the one we are currently bound to. The current food system is acknowledged to be problematic because it has so many variables that it is ever teetering on failure.


AI is another serious concern we face. We know this technology will replace human hands and minds. In fact, it will permeate every facet of everyday existence. We can either own it or be victimized by it. Acting now to own a part of this technology opens many doors. We could help others with technical needs that only AI can provide, people like our own children and grandchildren. The point is having this technology would be a multifaceted benefit. One of the interesting facets is being able to profit from it financially. How do you benefit from AI financially? Note that it is an emerging technology. Even so, it is now so powerful that you can rent out space within it for anyone with AI computing needs. The problem is that owning AI is beyond the average person’s financial ability to participate. Therefore, the group effort to own it is logical. AI can also be tasked to find trustworthy opportunities to profit for the organization. Only AI will be able to evaluate the new business landscape where the terrain will be mined with scams and devices to fleece the unprepared.


The 3rd trial we face is the outcome (the evolution) of the polarization of wealth. This unprecedented transfer of wealth we are witnessing contains a distinct threat to democracy. That threat is, when taken to its limit, the transfer of wealth leaves two classes, the haves, and the have-nots. That is a situation where democracy cannot exist.


How do you prepare for this?

Building an organization, a focused group, one aware of this crisis, could facilitate coping plans. In this way, we will be creating a think tank to find nonviolent ways to head off a chaotic future.
U.N. warns that runaway inequality is destabilizing the world’s democracies


There is a real possibility that these misfortunes will be descending on us at about the same time and relatively soon. The government will be hard-pressed to assist everyone who needs help. Demands for aid and for support will pile up amongst the unprepared. The alternative is preparedness and self-sufficiency. COVID is a lesson for us. For all the predictable crises, like those we have been discussing, there are the unnumbered, unpredictable ones.

COVID was one of those unprepared for, unexpected crises. How many more unexpected crises are in our future? It would be wise to adopt the idea of preparedness and to nurture the capability to take care of ourselves. This philosophy and organization would be a fine gift to pass on to the next generation.
The founders of this project are not obsessed with financial gain. Of course, there will be profits in our activities which will go to members equally. That will be insured by the eventual incorporation of the organization. However, first, we have to build a core group. And what is the cost to join us? It is FREE.