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"Cool it!" by Bjørn Lomborg Featured

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"Cool It!" 

Author :Bjørn Lomborg

Originally published: Jan. 1 2007

Publisher : Cyan and Marshall Cavendish

Paperback : 304 pages


This is one of the few books that all of our members and fans alike should read. Global warming has become unfortunately and for the masses such an incredibly irrational issue. Its an burning issue in bringing more awareness to our project in general, and this book brings a rational, objective voice to the debate. This book is meant to cool everyone's temper on the issue (hence the name 'Cool It'), and provide logical solutions to the problem.

Lomborg a sitting member on UN planning committees argues that we should be looking for smarter, more cost-effective approaches (such as massively increasing our commitment to green energy R&D) that will allow us to deal not only with climate change but also with other pressing global concerns,further discusses the following: global warming is caused at least partially by humans, but dealing with it by means of extreme CO2 cuts it not a viable solution. Instead, he argues that using our world's resources to solve other world problems, such as disease and poverty, will have an incredibly larger benefit to the world in the long-term, and will in turn put us in a better position to deal with a world that is slightly warmer than it is now. He argues that we should continue making our technology more environmentally-friendly, but that suddenly making all technology have no environmental impact (as some environmentalists want) is completely unreasonable. 

Lomborg supports his position with a tremendous amount of evidence, cost-benefit analyses, and references. To give an idea of how much his argument is supported, this book has 164 pages of actual content, and there are approximately 450 citations and 400 references. Of course, we can't browse through all of them to see how valid they are, but of the few dozen that we checked they seemed quite reliable. However, there are some claims that I found somewhat hard to believe, such as what is predicted by the various models of climate and human condition that Lomborg references. For example, Lomborg claims that humans will be richer in general over the coming century, which we find somewhat believable, but we find it hard to believe the precise numbers that he gives from the models of the worldwide economy that he references.

As I mentioned, we recommend this book to you and those on either side of the debate on how we tackle these issues present and future. You might not believe all the claims made in the book, but it definitely provides an excellent and fresh alternative viewpoint on the subject. The book is short enough to be accessible to almost anyone, yet it doesn't miss any important aspect of the issue.





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Garry Jollymore


With my haste to get things started on this project I neglected to tell a bit about myself.

This project idea has already gone to many people whom I do not know and when I think about it, if a request came in for money from someone I did not know I would probably reply, "Go fund yourself."

With that in mind I will give you the bare bones.

I live in Halifax Nova Scotia was born here and resided here most of my life. 

I must interrupt the resume here to point out that many of you who have received my info are U.S. citizens and because this originates in Canada you may be thinking that this is a Canadian thing. That is not the case. The issue this project proposes to highlight has no borders.

I Graduated from Sidney Stephen high school Bedford Nova Scotia with honors.Went to St Mary's University Halifax. Pursued an English Lit degree with a minor in history. After 3 years did not graduate but took the first year first day advice form a respected professor he said, "You will learn many things here but the most important thing is that you are embarking on a life time of learning". That is what I have done.

I have had several small businesses and several jobs over the years. The most recent job was as a dealer at Casino Nova Scotia. I mention that job because you absolutely do not get a casino job if you fail the security checks or if you or family have a hint of criminal past.

For the last decade I have been a tour guide operating my own tour business then partnering in Van Tours of Nova Scotia and associating with Shore Excursions. A quick Google of my name will verify that I have a good reputation in that business.

This concept of "a life time of learning" has served me well both in my tour business from my interest in history books and for this project from an inexplicably fortuitous chain of books,lectures and videos that have come my way.

A more thorough resume will follow. I hope this is enough for now to put to rest any suspicion that this project might be a scam or the work of a shady character.

I am sincere about this project and will do whatever it takes to prove that so.