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"Smelling Land: The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastrophe" By Dr. David Sanborn Scott Featured

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" Smelling Land: The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastrophe"


Originally published: April 21st, 2013

Author: Dr. David Sanborn Scott

Original title: Smelling Land


As this project proclaims climate destabilization is an unprecedented, global environmental threat. Yet neither the public nor governments seem aware that any solution must have hydrogen at its core. Author David Sanborn Scott suggests hydrogen will bring a safer, cleaner, brighter future.

Because any energy source can produce hydrogen, using this fuel will allow sunlight, wind or nuclear energy to power cars, ships and airplanes. Why is hydrogen essential? Take just one example: Airplanes can't fly on electricity. But they can sure fly on hydrogen-farther, faster, safer, cleaner and with larger payloads.


Written by Dr. David Sanborn Scott, one of the foremost experts on energy systems. Founding director of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at the University of Victoria, Dr. David Sanborn Scott has made numerous important contributions to the study of hydrogen. He authored the influential report, Hydrogen: National Mission for Canada, and served as a consultant to the federal government, major U.S. laboratories and multinational consulting firms. He was Vice-President (for the Americas) of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy and was recognized by that body with the prestigious Jules Verne Award in 2006.


He was named the inaugural honorary life-time member of the Canadian Hydrogen Association. When Albert College in Belleville, Ontario created its Alumni Wall of Honour in 2008 to celebrate its 150-year history, Dr. Scott was among the first nine persons so recognized. In 2010 he was inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He was the honorary chair of the 2012 World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Toronto.


Smelling Land is the first book to properly describe, in plain English, how the energy system really works - and why the twin energy currencies, hydrogen and electricity, are essential components of any strategy that can steer us clear of climate disaster.A pertinent and invigorating read. Should be mandatory reading for any politicians that have any influence on energy policy.



You can purchase a digital copy or read a portion of the book here : https://books.google.ca/books/about/Smelling_Land.html?id=LjhtdMmJdQMC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&redir_esc=y&fbclid=IwAR3fh7UabVbG-aCcTLOFtLLEQs6UkPGzQGq8F4IiCkZHN3G0-RPG1Hhb-ls#v=onepage&q&f=false



Below is Dr. David Sanborn Scott on Climate Change Innovation : 

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Garry Jollymore


With my haste to get things started on this project I neglected to tell a bit about myself.

This project idea has already gone to many people whom I do not know and when I think about it, if a request came in for money from someone I did not know I would probably reply, "Go fund yourself."

With that in mind I will give you the bare bones.

I live in Halifax Nova Scotia was born here and resided here most of my life. 

I must interrupt the resume here to point out that many of you who have received my info are U.S. citizens and because this originates in Canada you may be thinking that this is a Canadian thing. That is not the case. The issue this project proposes to highlight has no borders.

I Graduated from Sidney Stephen high school Bedford Nova Scotia with honors.Went to St Mary's University Halifax. Pursued an English Lit degree with a minor in history. After 3 years did not graduate but took the first year first day advice form a respected professor he said, "You will learn many things here but the most important thing is that you are embarking on a life time of learning". That is what I have done.

I have had several small businesses and several jobs over the years. The most recent job was as a dealer at Casino Nova Scotia. I mention that job because you absolutely do not get a casino job if you fail the security checks or if you or family have a hint of criminal past.

For the last decade I have been a tour guide operating my own tour business then partnering in Van Tours of Nova Scotia and associating with Shore Excursions. A quick Google of my name will verify that I have a good reputation in that business.

This concept of "a life time of learning" has served me well both in my tour business from my interest in history books and for this project from an inexplicably fortuitous chain of books,lectures and videos that have come my way.

A more thorough resume will follow. I hope this is enough for now to put to rest any suspicion that this project might be a scam or the work of a shady character.

I am sincere about this project and will do whatever it takes to prove that so.