Why is this the case?

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I found this image shared with me not that long ago and I ask.... Why is this the case?



There are many complex reasons why the planet is in the state it is but there is a thread that connects them. Political leadership is the thread. In this case, there are tidal forces at work that explain why a situation like this persists. A part of that force that influences leadership is from those who are committed financially to the status quo. A status quo that exploits the planet beyond reason and it could be argued exploits people to an equal extent.


The other force that political leadership is subject to is the electorate and the electorate consistently votes for the leadership that takes us in the same direction decade after decade, sort of like the dog that chases his tail. Here is a question I hope you will answer. Is it not common sense to do everything humanly possible to preserve the place we live, this planet? People have not much hesitation answering this question in the affirmative. Yet when the solutions are rolled out in detail they magically transform from common sense to the articles of socialism. And of course, socialism can't be tolerated so the baby gets chucked out with the bathwater.


It may come too late but I believe it is going to fall to artificial intelligence to put this on the right track. Why? Because human intelligence does not seem to be up to the task.


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