Noam Chomsky Quote PL Council

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Every now and then I get discouraged trying to warn people that there is a storm coming and getting little or no reaction. Then I receive confirmation and inspiration as follows. Then I see I am on the right side and on the right course. We are at war and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we better win.

"Dear friend,

We are at a remarkable moment: a moment that is unique in human history, a moment both ominous in portent and bright with hopes for a better future. The Progressive International has a crucial role to play in determining which course history will follow. The crises we face in this unique moment of human history are of course international. Environmental catastrophe, nuclear war, and the pandemic have no borders. Two internationals are forming to confront the crises of this historical moment. One is the Progressive International. The other is a Reactionary International comprising the world’s most reactionary states. The two internationals comprise a good part of the world, one at the level of states, the other popular movements. Each is a prominent representative of much broader social forces, which have sharply contending images of the world that should emerge from the current pandemic. One force is working relentlessly to construct a harsher version of the neoliberal global system from which they have greatly benefited, with more intensive surveillance and control. The other looks forward to a world of justice and peace, with energies and resources directed to serving human needs rather than the demands of a tiny minority. It is a kind of class struggle on a global scale, with many complex facets and interactions. It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the human experiment depends on the outcome of this struggle. Noam Chomsky PI Council"

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