The Water is Rising

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& YES .. climate change IS real .. as it has been for eons of time ... 

Halifax Magazine ( April 2019 ) .. has an editorial and an article on ' climate change ' .. " The water is RISING ... Are we prepared for the consequences of
steadily-rising sea levels ? " .. states the front cover .. 
Editor's Message .. Trevor J. Adams  ...  closely mirrors my opinion .. mine being .. Nova Scotia will be an island ( cut off from New Brunswick & North America ) in the not too distant future .. 
Adam's writes .." With or without you: sea levels are rising either way "  and 
in part .... " Clear picture appears. I see periodic shortages of staple foods and other essentials, as spring storms wash out the isthmus of Chignecto, severing Nova Scotia's only 
road and rail links to the rest of Canada "
He further states .. " I see life badly disrupted in villages and towns around the province (Nova Scotia ), as thousands of homes and their neighbourhoods become unliveable due to frequent floods, contaminated drinking water, and overwhelmed sewage systems ."
His other major point, .." Countless millions of people from coastal Asia and Africa will be climate-change refugees; it's doubtful counties like Bangladesh will even still exist. These people won't be sitting patiently amid the floodwaters while we debate how to help them. They will throng onto our large and mostly empty country in numbers that are now just the stuff of ..... fever-dreams."

Check out ( page 18 halifaxmag.com ) for Chris Benjamin's insightful article  " The Water is Rising " 
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