Dandelion root found to induce cancer cells

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I have a long history with the idea and use of things natural that can help our health.One of the criticisms I have heard about natural cures and supplements is that they don't work. The reality may be otherwise because supplements work for most or many but not everybody. Simply put if you are taking vitamin C to prevent the common cold and you still get a cold you were deficient in something else. You could say in this case that vitamin C does not work when in fact it is working unseen in its other roles within your body (as an antioxidant) and may well be preventing other serious conditions but because it didn't cure a cold for some would condemn it Drugs are similar in that people experience side effects differently from one another. So my advice is to learn all you can about these curative ideas keep them in mind in case you or someone you know is in need.


Read more here : https://www.getholistichealth.com/78573/dandelion-root-cancer/?fbclid=IwAR3hScyT9D_dAk0ppkoZT78rNQDMaCb5TdOg8E7VpIegnpYF_w1ulbxNpSg


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