Warming Oceans

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I found this post I created in November. It is edited and updated with other observations. The first part is a bit of review for new observers. But do take the whole 60 seconds to read the new material included.

There is more alarming news for us to digest contained in Chelsea Harvey’s’ article of November 1, 2018 for E&E News www.eenews.net. Her article begins this way.

Quote: The Ocean is warming much faster than previously thought, new research has found, suggesting that global climate goals may be even harder to reach.

The new study published yesterday in the journal Nature concluded that the global oceans may be absorbing up to 60 percent more heat since the 1990s than older estimates had found. End Quote.
This is a much longer and thorough article but I have reduced it in a nutshell. Here is the gist of it.

Previous calculations on ocean warming rates were not correct.

Current research shows that the oceans are warming at a faster rate than anticipated.

The warming oceans will accelerate global warming. Therefore, previous prescriptions of carbon reductions necessary to curb climate change are too little.

All of this means we have a troubled future on our hands and the recipients of the bulk of these troubles are our children and grandchildren. What can we do to help them through this dilemma?

First of all we must do all we can to reduce the eminent rise of temperature. You can do this by Joining and supporting environmental action groups Yes, it appears that the environmentalists are failing to stop climate change but if we all support them they would and will have greater success. We owe it to the world to support everything possible to lessen the impact of climate change.

Next and equally important it turns out there is something simple and meaningful we can do to give the next generation the tool they need to navigate the troubled times that are ahead. Troubles like drought.

Drought means crop failures, crop failures lead to food scarcities, food scarcities lead to chaos. Look at the consequences of isolated drought from the last decades. Now think about this on a world scale, Will it happen? It works like this. There are already droughts happening and with each part of a degree of warming so advances the specter of greater drought.

So what tool can we give to the next generation that will give them power to navigate times and circumstances the likes of which they may see? The answer is simple, it is elegant and it is a time tested tool. It has been used many times in history for people to make remarkable progress in social, cultural and economic reforms. We can give them their own lobby group.


A tool to cause Governments and Academic researchers to do the right things to ensure a continuing middle class. The creation of this tool is one of the main goals of the “Preparedness Project.” 
…………… to be continued………… We used to do complete articles that took 4 or 5 minutes to read and found that some of the most critical information was never being read. We are now breaking posts up into 1 or 2 minute segments with the entire article available on our website and in the Facebook group. Two more segments of this project.

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