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The Preparedness Project Explained.





1.     Climate change threatens droughts capable of severely impacting food production. Under those circumstances, an organized group will be able to bulk purchase and warehouse food supplies far more efficiently than an individual.

2.     There is a convergence of three known crises in the near future, (the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), population impact, and climate impact) a network of committed people will be able to navigate these crises far better than the individual. 

3.     In those crises mentioned above the government may not be able to help everyone as demands pile up for aid and support. You see this happening in this CCOVD 19 crisis. We MUST be able to take care of ourselves. To be in control of circumstances, as nearly as possible, and not the victim of circumstances. 

4.     The working /middle class is in the grip of slow decay. This is well known. It is largely due to the "Polarization of wealth" and it would seem there is nothing anyone can do about it. There definitely is something that can be done but people have to come together to do it. Just like saving the Whales only this time it is us that needs saving



 About Us


These are troubled timers but the worst may be yet to come. There is not much more of an important cause than the long-term wellbeing of our loved ones. However, people do not do well thinking and planning for the future but this is exactly the time to change. The future is too riddled with potential harm to continue to think of it as a low priority. Concern and what to do about that concern is the topic here. 

What follows might be considered a long read: five minutes to the end and another 10 minutes of optional reading. The optional reading is an article from Forbes magazine about what the very wealthy are doing to have a secure future for their loved ones. This message is entirely about what we—the working /middle class—must do be prepared as well. 

I will be talking about the Preparedness Project. This must not be confused with being a “prepper group”—we are not stashing food in our basements. I have nothing against most prepper groups but instead of thinking about preparing on behalf of small core family groups, our plan serves everyone.

Who might be interested in joining the Preparedness Project? In the first case, those who have children. In the second case, those who have grandchildren, and lastly, those who will be trying to make a living in the era of 2030 to 2050. 

Why the concern about those years? These are the years that the United Nations has warned us about. The U.N. said that if climate change can’t be stopped, there will be droughts. Droughts will affect agriculture and food production. As bad as this prospect is, unfortunately, this is not the only pressing concern. 

With the potential for food shortages, there are two other impacts that will converge at about that time. The second threat is artificial intelligence. Not because of the "Terminator" movie effect but because of the economic impact on all of us. A.I. will create unprecedented unemployment as human hands and minds are replaced by A.I. machines.

Third, is a threat that is quiet and relentless: the polarization of wealth? Already it has the middle/working class shrinking and working longer for less.


Any single one of the pitfalls described above would cause great hardship. I don’t need to describe the potential for chaos if they descend at the same time—and that is the whole point. There is a distinct probability that they will descend at the same time. Then we have to consider unforeseen crises like the one we are experiencing now. This potential is enough to affect people on a scale that ranges from difficult to intolerable. (More on this if you choose to read through to the end.)

You have been reading for about four minutes. Here is where the experts tell us to stop writing because most people do not like to read long messages. So, I will get to the point. There are two, actually. 


The first point: When faced with potential misfortune, what should you do? Here is the undisputable answer: you should do anything and everything in your power to solve the problem and change the course you are on. That is called mitigation. 


The second point: While doing what you can to mitigate a problem, remember the consequences of failure and prepare for that, too. We should also prepare for the worst. 


In short, we should be prepared…. 


We are building an organization for our children and grandchildren to use to get what they need through any troubled times ahead. There will be times when they will have to negotiate with the government for their needs and that can be done best by an organized group. 

People of that era will have to be unified to get fair consideration from the government. If they are not united, the wealthy will roll right over them. In one scenario, in a time of drought-spawned food shortages, polarized wealth could control the food supply. If you think this is a farfetched prediction, think about the crisis we are in now. Families are running out of money while huge corporations are soaking up government handouts—your tax money. Another related fact that is hard to believe is that while we suffer, some billionaires are reaping record profits.

This is a serious issue and it needs to be taken seriously. You only have to look at what the extremely wealthy are doing now to understand why we have to act on our own behalf.

The link accompanying this article, the Forbes magazine one, shows how advanced the wealthy are in preparation for a turbulent future. They are building facilities to cope with future hardships and civil unrest. While they are preparing, the middle/working class is not. This failure to prepare is one of the reasons why the Preparedness Project has been created.



Forbes Article : Billionaire Bunker Owners Are Preparing For The Ultimate Underground Escape 


You can join us on Facebook at the Preparedness Project Group. Learn more by reading posts and browsing our website—but by all means, join us and learn along the way. If you are already on our Facebook group another very important part of this project is to share the postings with your face book and email contacts. Likes and shares on Facebook is how the message will spread. Also, if you wish to help financially please show your support by donating $10.00 or $20.00 or more to the "Go Fund Me site". I extend my greatest appreciation to those who will help out in this way. Donations at URL below.


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A note about joining us. In the Preparedness Project, you will find no trace of politics, religion, or prejudice. It costs nothing to join, and we don’t ask for your time. For those of you who enjoy information and reading, I will elaborate on the above themes as follows.